BAR-24GP Battery Charger with 18/26 Ah Battery Group
  • Description

    GEPA BAR-24GP Battery Charger with 18/26 Ah Battery Group is a reliable and low cost DC power supply with in-cabinet battery group solution. Thyristor based rectification makes the device more reliable than FET based rectifiers. In-cabinet VRLA (AGM) batteries doesn’t need maintenance, provide high current demands and have low discharge current.

    Specifically designed for small substations, also applicable in automation projects where robustness is required. Able to handling short term high power demands makes the device unique.

    • Low cost DC supply for small substations
    • Thyristor based rectification
    • Easily replaceable internal VRLA batteries
    • 27.6 V fixed voltage output
    • 2.5 A continuous, 6 A for 30 sec current output
    • Low-ripple, filtered DC output
    • Soft-start
    • Electronic short-circuit protection at DC output
    • Single pole input and output MCBs
    • AC and DC presence LED indicators
    • Battery voltage test function
    • Ergonomic wall-mount case
    User Guide
  • BAR-24 18Ah and 26Ah Battery Charger Technical Specifications
    Input Voltage230 VAC (± 20 %)
    Input Frequency47.5 - 62.5 Hz
    Input Current0.7 A
    Input MCBC type, 6 A, ICS = 6 kA
    Input Cable Diameter1.5 mm2min (AWG 15)
    Output Voltage27.6 VDC (± 1 % w/out battery group)
    Output Ripple≤ 2.5 %
    Output Current2.5 A cont., 6 A for 30 sec
    Output MCBC type, 25 A, ICS = 6 kA
    Output Cable Diameter4 mm2min (AWG 11)
    Power Factor0.7
    Efficiency68 %
    Cooling MethodNatural conviction
    Internal Battery Capacity18 - 26 Ah
    Internal Battery TypeVRLA (AGM)
    Pollution DegreeIII
    Dielectric Withstand2 kVAC / 50 Hz, 1 min
    Impulse Withstand5 kVpeak, 1.2 / 50 µs
    Operating Temperature(-25) - (+55) ºC *
    Storage Temperature(-30) - (+60) ºC *
    Relative Humidity˂%95 RH (w/o condensation)
    Ingress ProtectionIP 20
    StandardIEC 60146-1-1 [LVD], IEC 61326-1 [EMC]
    *: Operating or storing batteries at elevated temperatures improves performance but prolonged exposure will shorten life.

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