ARG L Series 24V Battery Charger & Battery Group
  • Description

    GEPA ARG-24L Series Battery Charger & Battery Group is used for DC power systems of power stations, substations or other applications where DC voltage needed. Device provides DC voltage to system by rectifying AC voltage input and keeps batteries under charge (float charge) in case of AC power loss to keep DC power bus alive. GEPA ARG-24L Series Battery Charger & Battery Group is designed for applications which require short-term high current demand. The device designed considering the requirements of substations. Provides short-term high current demand, for like circuit breaker charging motor, and continuously provides float charge voltage for battery group and DC power system. Thus, it provides low-cost and ergonomic solution for such applications.

    • Ergonomic and low-cost solution for power stations and substations
    • Thyristor controlled rectifier
    • Continuous 5A, short-term 15A output current
      • Output voltage is adjustable in range of 20 – 30 VDC with 0.1 VDC steps
      • Continuous output current is adjustable in range of 1 – 5 A with 0.1 A steps
      • Short-term output current is 15 A
    • Soft start
    • Electronic short-circuit protection at DC output
    • VRLA type 5 or 10 years life expectancy batteries
    • Output voltage and current is adjustable via control unit
    • Output voltage and current measurement on control unit
    • Alarm contact output for SCADA system connection

    User Guide
  • ARG-24L05 Battery Charger Technical Specifications
    Input Voltage 220 VAC (±%20), 47.5 - 62.5 Hz
    Input Current 1.5 Amax
    Power Factor 0.63min
    Output Voltage > Nominal 27.6 VDC
    Output Voltage > Range 20 - 30 VDC (0.1 V step)
    Output Voltage > Ripple ≤ % 5
    Output Current > Continuous 1.0 - 5.0 A (0.1 A step)
    Output Current > Short-Term 15 A
    Output Power 140 Wmax(continuous)
    Output Filter L - C filter
    Efficiency ≥ % 70
    Cooling Method Natural convection
    Alarm Contact Output 1 NO dry contact
    1250 VA, 150 W
    5A/30VDC, 5A/250VAC
    Operating Temperature (-25) – (+55) °C
    Storage Temperature (-30) – (+60) °C
    Relative Humidity ≤%95 RH (w/o condensation)
    Pollution Degree III
    Montage Wall mount
    Applied Standards IEC 61204-7:2006 (PS-E) [LVD]
    IEC 61204-3:2011 (Industrial) [EMC]
    IEC 60146-1-1:2009 [Informative]

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